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GIS provides public relations services to the Cayman Islands Government and publishes the Cayman Islands Gazette.

Subject Matters

  • Public Information
    • Develops and executes information campaigns to promote government programmes
    • Designs graphic products: logos, posters, banners etc.
    • Produces GIS Spotlight television programme
    • Publishes the Gazette, Annual Report, and community calendars
    • Updates general information on the government portal,
    • Responds to information requests
    • Prepares and issues press releases and public service announcements
  • Press Facilitation
    • Arranging press conferences
    • Arranging photo opportunities for the press
    • Organising and providing staff for press stations at national events
    • Issuing press advisories on government functions/events
    • Briefing the press on arrangements and procedures
    • Responding to press queries
  • Communication Support for Government
    • Writing speeches
    • Advising on effective communication methods
    • Recording national events
    • Taking official photographs
    • Providing media training

Last Updated: 2008-12-11