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We’re going to be visiting. What do we need to know, so we can get married in the Cayman Islands?
All the information you need about getting married in the Cayman Islands is on government’s portal.
We got married in the Cayman Islands. How can we get copies of our marriage license?
Call the General Registry at 345-946-7922.
There’s a dog in my neighbourhood that barks all night. Who handles this kind of problem?
If, after politely talking to your neighbor, the dog is still a nuisance, call your neighbourhood police officer. If the dog is a stray, call the Department of Agriculture, (345) 947-3090.
When is the Gazette published? How much does it cost to put a notice in the Gazette? And other Gazette questions.
Most of the answers to these are under ‘Quick Links’ on the Gazette website, www.gazette.gov.ky. You can also email your query to caymangazette@gov.ky or phone (345) 949-8092.
Can you email me an electronic version of the Cayman Islands Government Organizational Chart?
Sure, we have an electronic version available to email. There’s also a copy on www.gov.ky for downloading. On the home page, go into ‘About Government’.
Can I buy a copy of the poster that shows all the CI National Symbols?
There are no more copies of the popular poster that GIS designed for the Education Department although we can provide a scan of the original poster.
Our department was featured on GIS Spotlight. Can I get a copy of the show?
Sure. The video unit makes DVD copies available at $10 each. GIS Spotlight stories are also posted on government’s channel on YouTube: http://uk.youtube.com/user/CIGovtInfoServices.
I need to apply for a visa to visit the Cayman Islands. Please let me know how I can apply.
For general information, visit the Cayman Islands’ Immigration Department website, www.immigration.gov.ky.
What is the correct title for (various Government officials)? What is the order of precedence for the Cayman Islands?
Contact Mrs. Virginia Madison at the Protocol Office, (345) 244-3608 or Virginia.Madison@gov.ky.
Can you email me a Cayman Islands Crest in (various formats, ai, eps, jpg)?
GIS has the government crest available in several formats and can email it; however, certain circumstances may require permission first. The crest belongs to the Cayman Islands Government and cannot be used in any for profit venture without written consent from the Chief Secretary’s Office.