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The televised panel discussion was part of CIGTV

Published 10th July 2017, 6:14pm

High school students from schools across the Islands recently took part in a discussion on issues relating to familial, school, platonic, sexual and romantic relationships.


If you missed it you can watch any time on the CIGTV YouTube on demand channel


Topics tackled by young people included:


         What makes a healthy relationship?

         Benefits of choosing healthy relationship? Why should you?

         How would you help someone in an unhealthy relationship? What is the best advice you can give that person?

         What are the risks involved in having unprotected intercourse with someone?

         Should children 16 years old be allowed to engage in sexual relationships?

         Are parents responsible for the relationships their children form? Why?

         Are there risks associated with social media? Why?

         Why is communication important?


The programme will also continue to re-air on CIGTV which is available on the following channels:

28 - Logic Wireless Cable

23 - LogicTV 23

20 - Fuse

23 - Logic Over The Air (OTA)

3 - C3