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Orrett Connor and Steve McField discuss wide-ranging issues on their talk show.

Published 14th July 2017, 4:18pm

Catch the re-airing of today’s For the Record Radio Show at 8pm tonight (Friday 14 July 2017) on CIGTV.
Hosts Orrett Connor and Steve McField tackle the intricacies of the Election Observer Mission's remit and protecting Caymanian identity among other issues.

Topics covered include:
Internal control of social and economic issues
Simplifying the Constitution to better educate the public
The 2013 Election observer mission remit
Electoral boundaries
Should only citizens be allowed to vote
Possibility of the Cayman Islands' independence, ramifications/benefits
Persons challenging the PR application system
Preservation of Caymanian culture, protecting Caymanian identity

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If you would rather watch on demand, the episode is available from our YouTube Channel at