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The chat show host explores topical issues every Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning.

Published 12th July 2017, 4:54pm

Catch the re-airing of today’s For the Record Radio Showat 8pm tonight (Wednesday 12 July 2017) on CIGTV.
Hosts Orrett Connor and Steve McField discuss issues surrounding elections eligibility and the right to vote.
In case you missed it the episode is available from our YouTube On Demand Channel at
Topics covered include:
The Electoral Register and reasons for the drastic increase in voters (From 18,492 to 21,221)
Growth and development in the Cayman Islands – “more is not better than enough”
Powers in the Cayman Islands – Who really owns this country? Government vs. private sector ownership, political motivations
Population control, high living expenses and childbearing incentives (e.g. Canada’s payments to new mothers for contributing to natural population)
24 May 2017 CPA Observer’s Report
Real estate business
S. 61 (e) Constitution; criteria to run for the LA

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